This is an Image that I made useing 3d studio max, ZBrush, and Vray I comp'd it with after effects. I created all of the 3d assets with 3ds max and sculped them myself with Zbrush, I lit and Rendered them in passes with Vray . and finally comped them with After Effects.
A Screening Flyer for RingSide at CK. 
Boards for a show open called Being Terry Kennedy work on this with Humble in New York
NHL Boards I did for a Projects with Humble in New York
A screening at Leo Burnett. A little break from animation ;)
what do you think that isjQuery16206779226863979049_1320771901993 we had alot of people give different guesses of what animal they thought it was...
I like to go crazy with these and try differentstyles than i'm used to (some work better then others) 
we had these GREAT bar nights when I started at RingSide (damn economy!) this is one of the posters I did.
The DIY is full of um
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