Battle for the Avengers Tower' 360° experience

This project was a VR experience made for the "Samsung - Gear VR" you can click and drag around the screen for the VR experience. Working with the team at Framestore I was responsible for creating the sparks. raining from the lights, the explosion and at the end behing the hero Ultron. I used houdini's procedural POP network for generating the particles and used cashed geo for objects to emit the particles from. Using point and attribute wrangle nodes, vex expressions, I could control the over all look and emmision procedurally to create high volicity pops and dripping sparks from the same emitters. trails and speed ramps for the slow motion feel were created useing trail sops and time shift nodes. The collisions effects of the sparks from the floor and the Ultron were accomplished with pop splash nodes to cset up collision events (emitting particles from the point of collisions).

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