Around the World in 80 Ways
3d project, an on air show for the History Channel
This was a Promo for a show called around the world in 80 ways. I did all of the 3d matte paintings, using 3d studio max. I projected the matte painting that I did onto 3d objects in 3d studio max. the shots were rendered out with Vray.  It was a very rushed project but I really like the way some of the shots turned out. This aired on the history channel.
This is the full 30sec spot
this shot highlights the 3d environment that I had built for the this particular shot. it was built using 3ds max and VRay. The guy was on green screen and comp'd in after.
This shot highlights the 3d rocks, Grass, and trees that were built for the matte paintings. all done in 3ds max and rendered with VRay. guy was on green screen and comp'd in after.
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